KetoDietCalculator Features

Diet calculations:

  • recommended caloric range based on client's desired weight
  • guides you in selecting a ratio
  • determines protein needs based on age and RDA (allows you to adjust up or down)
  • prompts you to determine the number of meals per day
  • calculates the dietary protein, fat and carbohydrate per meal
  • re-adjusts previously calculated meals to a new calculation
  • easy to read archived list of all of your previous diet calculation values

Meal calculations:

  • calculate entire meals in seconds from a standardized meal list
  • instructions are included for complex recipes
  • create meals from scratch
  • calculate formula recipes from standard recipes
  • calculate formula with oral solids
  • calculate fomula recipes from scratch and design your own instructions
  • enter new foods into your food database
  • prints meals with instructions
  • e-mail meals with instructions to caregiver
  • allows you to give access to caregiver to calculate meals from your calculations

Snack calculations:

  • provides calculations in a similar format as meals
  • allows ratio to be adjusted
  • easy to read archived list of all your previous snack calculation values

Fluid calculations:

  • calculates estimated fluid needs based on desirable weight
  • allows you to design a schedule of fluids and supplements for your client
  • tabulates the total fluids from cream, formula, water and beverages for the day


  • select a profile of nutritional supplements and compare to DRI for age
  • analyze micronutrient composition of formula products
  • carbohydrate content of supplements automatically calculate
  • directions provided for supplement use


  • carbohydrate content of medications automatically calculate
  • additional medications can be entered into your database


  • diet reports can be printed or e-mailed
  • summary page of current ketogenic diet plan including medications and supplements
  • upload your logo to label reports

Table Maintenance:

  • enter foods into the database for your clients only
  • enter new medications with carbohydrate content into your database for your use only
  • enter normal laboratory values or ranges that are specific to your facility
  • create a calendar for your personal use
  • upload an organization logo for your reports
  • change your password


  • frequently asked questions and answers regarding the above features


  • ask a question about the ketogenic diet and receive personalized help