KetoDietCalculator Registration & Frequently Asked Questions

What is KetoDietCalculator?

KetoDietCalculator ™ is a tool to assist clinical nutritionists in designing ketogenic diets. After a diet has been created by the nutritionist, he or she can grant access to their patients or clients. This tool was designed in 1995 by Beth Zupec-Kania and LifeTime Computing, Inc. It is a relational database that receives updates daily to its background tables of food, medicines and supplements. KetoDietCalculator is used worldwide. There is no fee to use the program for clinical nutritionists and their patients or clients. Please consider an annual donation to support maintenance of this program. KetoDietCalculator.

How often do I need to renew my subscription to KetoDietCalculator?
  • Subscriptions do not need to be renewed.
How will I receive updates about the KetoDietCalculator?
  • We will email important notices to you regarding updates or changes. It is important to update your email address (if you change addresses) in the Table Maintenance tab within the program so that you receive these notices. We will not share your address with other companies or organizations.
How many subscriptions are allowed at our clinic/hospital?
  • We recommend that each dietitian/nutritionist have their own login (username/password). All patients or clients that are entered through that login will be accessible (through that login). You may create logins through your Account in the Settings link. You may also create a View Only account for a pharmacist or other health professional who may need to view medications and other diet features.
  • If other departments in the same hospital, such as metabolic clinics, are managing patients on the ketogenic diet then it is appropriate to submit a separate subscription for that clinic.
Once I submit my registration information, how quickly will I receive my username/password?
  • Within two business days.
If for some reason I do not receive an email notification with my username/password, who should I contact?
  • Beth Zupec-Kania at
If I lose my username/password, what should I do?
  • Go to the home page where you will find an area to submit your email address. Your username and password will then be sent back to the same email address.
  • To change your username and/or password:
    • Go to the "KetoDietCalculator Home Page"
    • Select "Account"
    • Click "Show Logins"
    • Click "Edit" on your login line
    • Type in new password and/or username and click Update.

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